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Micropub Requests

The Micropub JSON syntax is used when indiebookclub posts to your endpoint.


  "type": ["h-entry"],
  "properties": {
    "summary": ["Want to read: Title by Author, ISBN: ISBN"],
    "read-status": ["to-read"],
    "read-of": [
        "type": ["h-cite"],
        "properties": {
          "name": ["Title"],
          "author": ["Author"],
          "uid": ["isbn:ISBN"]
    "visibility": ["public"],
    "post-status": ["published"]

read-status will be “to-read”, “reading”, or “finished” based on your selection.

uid will have a scheme of either isbn: or doi: based on your selection

author and uid properties will only be included if you enter those fields.

visibility will be “public”, “private”, or “unlisted” based on your selection. The private and unlisted options are only available if your Micropub endpoint indicates it supports them.

post-status will be “published” or “draft” based on your selection. Note that drafts are only sent to your Micropub endpoint and are not stored on your indiebookclub profile.

Query Parameters

The new post form accepts URL query parameters to pre-populate fields. This can be used with bookmarklets to make adding new posts easier.


Any combination of these parameters can be used.

  • read-status: Values “to-read”, “reading”, or “finished” (not case-sensitive)
  • title
  • authors
  • isbn
  • doi
  • tags
  • post-status: Values “published” or “draft” (not case-sensitive)

Consuming read posts

You can provide a URL in the read-of parameter. If indiebookclub finds a read-of microformat at that URL, it will pre-populate the form with that information. If no read-of property is found, it will check for an h-cite microformat.

Note that if the read-of query parameter is provided, it takes precedence over the other parameters listed above.

Export Posts

Your settings page has a button to download an HTML+microformats export of your posts.